Youth Empowerment through the use of Information Communication Technology

Youth empowerment through the use of Information Communication and Technology (ICT) is very important. ICT is a tool where youth can access information to upgrade their knowledge and skills that will enable them to fully participate in development. To promote youth participation, a Mini Barcamp was organized at Angkor Khemara University (AKU) located in Kampot Province on 20 September 2013. The main topic of the Mini Barcamp is "Youth Using Information Communication Technology". The purpose of this Mini Barcamp is to build capacity of youth to get knowledge on Information Communication Technology and to help them able to use it for social communication.
There were 10 speakers (8 from Open Institute and 2 from Khmer Youth for Social Development-KYSD) presented 8 topics such as: Promoting Youth Engagement in Development through the use of ICT, Information Communication in Technology for Development Cambodia Network, introduction on Interactive Voice response system, The role of youth using ICT, how youth can market themselves through technology, Khmer Unicode and the use of mobile application to increase social communication, powerful web browser, how to use social media (facebook) and how to join the Dialogue on Development facebook, creative video and basic photography, landscape photography and Google web application.
In her welcome remarked, Ms. Sok Sokunthea, Women Program Manager of Open Institute, praised a good cooperation between the Open Institute with the KYSD and Angkor Khemara University to make this event happen. She brief participants the purpose of the Mini-Bar camp.
The Mini-Bar camp was devised into 2 sessions. The first session in the morning was about an introduction on ICT for Social Communications. The second session was held in the afternoon which was the practice session. Participants were divided into 4 groups with 8 difference topics for practicing. Participants were free to select topic they like most. With guidance from facilitators, participants practiced what they have learned in the morning session.
Mr. Ly Sovann, Secretary of Green Youth Assembly of KYSD, delivered his welcome remark by saying that he was really happy to celebrate this event. It is the first time that KYSD cooperate with OI to organize a Mini Barcamp in Kampot province. He continued that in this Mini Barcamp there are experts from Open Institute, which they will shared knowledge and experiences participants never known before. He emphasized that this event made KYSD get closer relationship with Open Institute.
In Opening Speech, Mr. Nou Chanda, Vice-Director of Angkor Khemara University thanks participants and Mini Barcamp organizers for their hard working to prepare for the event and for providing opportunity to Angkor khemara University to involve in this Mini-Barcamp. He encouraged participants those are students to pay high attention to this event in order to get knowledge from the experts and suggested participants should be brave to ask the question if they don't understand. To him, ICT is very important to students for their access information. It is also a tool for practice what they have learned at school and searching information for their study.
Participants were very interested in the event and stayed the whole day at the Mini-Bar camp. The Mini-Bar camp attracted more than hundred participants. They are Professors and students of AKU, Kampot Institute of Polytechnic (KIP), Buddhist Library Cambodia Project (KLCP), and Kosamak University.
Miss Khiev ChanRaksmey, second year student of Angkor Khemara University said that she highly appreciated this event. She continued that this is the first time for her to learn new topics and to know speakers whose have a lot of experience and skills related to ICT. She will bring knowledge got from the event to share with her friends. She hopes that there will be another Mini- Bar camp organized at Kampot province next time.
Mr. Sorm Kheuon, fourth year student of AKU, said he was so excited to this event. He thanks the Open Institute and Khmer Youth for Social Development for organizing this Mini-Barcamp in order to share knowledge related to ICT. In this event he was very happy to get the new information. He thinks that it was very important and it was also a good experience on the practice of using telephone and computer in Khmer language.
The event was co-organized by the Open Institute, Khmer Youth for Social Development (KYSD) in cooperation with Angkor Khemara University, Kampot province. This is one among other activities of the "Promoting Youth Engagement in Development through the use of ICT"‘s project funded by the Swedish Program for ICT in Developing Regions-SPIDER. The event also gets funding support from The Structuring Partnerships for an Innovative Communications Environment-SPICE's project of the Open Institute funded by the USAID.

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