Open Schools

The Open Schools Program is a joint project of the Open Institute and the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport of the Royal Government of Cambodia, who are working together to use ICT to improve the quality of education.


We envision a society which - by embracing technology - opens the doors to accelerated economic development.

As part of this future, we work towards an educational system that:

  • Effectively uses ICT to improve the quality of education.
  • Produces graduates who have a global view of ICT and the necessary basic skills to access the job market in a knowledge-based society


The Open School Program is committed to ensure the development of all the necessary tools required to improve the quality of education through the use of ICT, including the necessary plans, computer programs in Khmer language, curricula, distance learning methodology, training materials, and technology for sustainability. The Program will also making certain that teachers receives the necessary training and support.


  • To complete and implement a Master Plan and an Action Plan for ICT in Education.
  • To ensure that the necessary computer tools for improving the quality of education through ICT are identified and translated to Khmer, together with their documentation and training materials.
  • To create, train and support, within MoEYS, a solid and well connected internal network of ICT practitioners who will technologically lead the MoEYS to effective and sustainable use of ICT in education.
  • To define the curricula for students and teacher-trainees that will result in the reinforcing of the education system through ICT and in the delivery of students who are well adapted to participate and work in a knowledge-based society.
  • To create the necessary know-how on ICT-based Open and Distance Learning (ODL), including supporting tools, curricula, training materials and trained content developers; all of it aiming at the development of high-quality content for the chosen teaching-learning methodology.
  • To create a network of teaching-learning ODL content developers in Khmer language that will share experiences and materials, creating a culture of sharing between teachers, students and scholars that will accelerate development.
  • Find and test the technologies that are best adapted to education in Cambodia, and which might lead to sustainable facilities.

Main Program Activities for Phase III - September 2008 to July 2012 - Execution of the Master and Action Plans for ICT in Education.

  • Deploy Technology, including computer labs, Multimedia rooms, computers for school administration and any other connectivity and electricity-related technologies that support the above. For this deployment, the plan will have to look at prerequisites for deployment, preparation, deployment itself and maintenance.
  • Undertake training of teachers and school ICT technology officers. This includes the preparation of ICT teachers, and the training of other teachers to be able to use ICT to deliver education.
  • Develop multimedia training materials to be delivered by teachers, as well as Open and Distance Learning (ODL) materials to either be used by students or through blended learning techniques that combine self-learning with face-to-face teacher support.
  • Deploy the above mentioned Multimedia and ODL materials.
  • Deployment of ICT-based school administration.
  • Develop the necessary structures inside MoEYS.
  • Integration of ICT in the official curricula for uppers secondary schools, teacher training centers and public tertiary education institutions.
  • Monitoring and evaluation.

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