Khmer OS

Khmer Software Initiative (KhmerOS) is a project of the Open Institute to help the economic development of Cambodia by providing computer tools in Khmer (Cambodian) language that can be used by everybody.

It translates to Khmer Free and Open Source applications (such as word processing, spreadsheets, presentation tools, e-mail, Internet, graphic manipulation, etc.) for their use by private users and in government offices. It also produces large amounts of documentation in Khmer.

KhmerOS is the base for the Open Schools Program, a joint venture with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport that has taken the applications translated and localized by KhmerOS to all schools of Cambodia that have computers, as well as to all teacher training centers, making them mandatory (because they are the only software in Khmer).

KhmerOS also provides localization and training services to other projects of the Open Institute, such as the Open Learning Program and the Women's Program.


Cambodia is a country in which language will not be a barrier to access technology, development, or learning.


To ensure that local language technology is available to as many people as possible, and that it is used for cultural, educational and economic growth.


  • Reduction of the digital divide by making the use of computers in Cambodia as simple as it can be (by being in Khmer language). Reduction of training time needed to use computers in a professional environment, reducing the barrier to many jobs and to the use of computers in SMEs. Encouraging the use of the Khmer language in governmental computer systems.
  • Adequating computer software to the economy of Cambodia by making free high-quality software available in Khmer language.
  • Clarification and standardization of the correct use of the Khmer language and of Khmer cultural issues such as word sorting (alphabetic order). Development of computer terminology in Khmer, to avoid the entrance of to many foreign terms in the computer-related work environment.



  • To ensure that accessible technology in Khmer language is available in Cambodia for widespread use.
  • Promotion of Khmer UNICODE.
  • To maintain a technical community in Cambodia that is interested on Free and Open Source software in local language, together with its associated technologies.
  • To provide support to users of Khmer language FOSS.
  • To maintain Khmer language FOSS up to date with the latest software versions.
  • To advance on Khmer language technology.
  • To promote the use of FOSS in the Cambodian Government and in civil society.
  • To produce a leap forward in FOSS localization technology.


  • Maintain Software that has been localized to Khmer: Mozilla FireFox, Mozilla Thunderbird, OpenOffice, Open SuSE, Moodle.
  • Train government officials in Ministries (Information, Cult and Religion, Agriculture) and NGOs.
  • Dissemination activities in youth fairs and universities.
  • Continue development of a high-tech translation editor that starts being in several countries.

Contact Us

If you are interested in getting to know more about the KhmerOS project, you can contact us at:

- by email:
- by phone: 023 224821

You can also visit the KhmerOS website for more information about the program and updated activities at