Workshops on the use of IVR technology for Civil Society Organizations

​​​​​Date: 19 March 2013. Photo by: Open Institute
The SPICE program has invited during the month of March over 57 staff members of 39 Civil Society Organizations to workshops on Using IVR and other Phone Technologies in Civil Society Organizations. The workshops were conducted on the 19, 21 and 26 March.

The increasing use of and access to mobile phones in the country and emerging perspectives on technological solutions for civil society organizations to share information to their audiences, the SPICE program is offering alternative innovation that could be used to address the challenges of CSOs.
The events featured the use of the newly developed telephone innovations, case studies of existing uses of telephone for information dissemination, dream ICT applications for addressing CSOs' challenges, and discussiosn that could lead to synergy among development sectors.  The workshops gathered organizations working in different development sectors that have the potential to use ICT for information dissemination. Attendees of the workshop were directors and project/program managers looking for new ways to disseminating content to their target groups, and development professionals seeking to leverage the newly built infrastructure and address the challenges of dissemination of information.