Sar Khmer SMS on Android Devices

It has been hard enough to struggle with the default SMS application which supports some languages but not included Khmer. Sar Khmer SMS is the one among the best application which permits you to communicate using our Khmer language, it has come along with Khmer Interface that is easy to use; asides, it should be taken into consideration because of it's own feature of setting the preference, managing the message, and encrypting each message though the communication channel. It support almost all version of android from 2.1(Eclair) to the latest version. Although, it was not coming through the perfection yet and needed to be corrected and updated. If you encountered bugs and it was not familiar to you, please drop or leave us your messages; and I assure to have the improvement responding to your kindness by releasing the updated version. Thank you very much.
This application has been developed by the Open Institute as part of the work of the USAID funded SPICE program. It is licensed under a LGPL License that allow free use, copying and distribution.
1. Go to PlayStore 2. Find the application by typing Sar Khmer or using this link 3. Click install 4. For those who want to contribute for improving development: 5. Learn how to install and use the application, please download this attachment: