Press Release National Conference on gender equality within the new development agenda to take place


Press Release

National Conference on gender equality within the new development agenda to take place

On 11 and 12 February 2016 

Under the funding support of UN Women Cambodia and organized by Open Institute, the conference on “Engendering the Sustainable Development Goals:  Making the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Work for Cambodian Women and Girls” will discuss gender equality within the new development agenda. The conference will contribute to the localization of the SDG’s, with a particular emphasis on goal number 5: a transformative stand-alone goal that addresses structural barriers to women’s empowerment. 

“To achieve a world that is more fair and equal, the full empowerment of all women is a prerequisite. This has been made evident by the inclusion of in-depth aspects on gender equality in all of the 17 sustainable development goals.” said UN Women Country Representative Wenny Kusuma. 

Despite progress, Cambodia still has far to go towards gender equality. The National Assembly has only a 20 per cent representation of women. The latest UN Women supported study on intimate partner violence from 2015 shows that 1 in 5 women in Cambodia has experienced physical and/or sexual violence. Furthermore 70 per cent of women are engaged in vulnerable employment. 

The new set of goals are considered bolder and more comprehensive than the Millennium Development Goals. They include specific targets and indicators on violence against women, reproductive health and rights, women, peace and security, and women’s unpaid care and domestic work.

 “The SDG’s offer a key opportunity to position gender equality at the center of the Cambodian development agenda, both as an important vision in itself and as an essential means to sustainable development” adds Kusuma. 

The conference will feature key guest speakers representing relevant government ministries, civil society, and development partners. They will share their perspectives on the new goals to explore how the agenda can be achieved in a Cambodian context. 

In addition, there will be a plenary discussion amongst the key stakeholders and participants on the following topics included in the new development framework: unpaid care and domestic work; gender mainstreaming in all SDGs; policy and enforceable legislation; Neary Ratanak IV; and the promotion of women’s rights. Discussions will also focus on enabling access to, and managing economic resources, the advancement of gender equality and women empowerment in the academic sphere, advocacy of the SDG’s and reproductive health and rights as seen under the new development agenda.

"To ensure substantive gender equality in Cambodia, there is a need for joint action amongst government institutions and civil society. The civil society plays a very important role in social development and in filling the gap on gender equality implementation in Cambodia” says Executive Director of Open Institute Ms. Chim Manavy. 

“Cambodian civil society is committed to ensure progress with the SDGs, particularly to ensure that the aspect of gender equality is mainstreamed into the Cambodian context. Now is the time for thinking together about how we can make the new development agenda work for the benefits of Cambodian women” adds Chim. 

An anticipated 150 people will participate from government line ministries, civil society, community based organizations, development partners, the private sector, and academic institutions. Representatives from the media are invited to attend the conference.  

The conference will be held at the Cambodiana Hotel, opening for registration at 8:00 am on 11 February and ending at 12:00pm on 12 February. 

Joint Press Release issued by Open Institute and UN Women-Cambodia Country Office  

For further information, please contact: 

Mr. Uy Sareth, Program Manager, email:, mobile phone: 092 759 769

Ms. Mariken Bruusgaard Harbitz, Communication Officer, UN Women Cambodia, email: mobile phone: 012 210325 



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