The Open Institute welcomes H.E. Im Sethy as Minister of Education, Youth and Sport

For the last year and half, the Open Institute has been collaborating with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport on the use of ICT in Education. Through the joint Open Schools Program, we have been working together on the training of ICT teachers in all upper secondary schools that have computers for education, on writing the ICT textbooks, and on research to define sustainable computer facilities for schools. Now we are writing a four-year Master Plan for ICT in Education. Working with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport has been a constant pleasure, as those in positions of responsibility are life-long educators highly committed to their work, while open to try new ideas and technologies that might help improving the quality of Education. We are happy to see that H.E. Im Sethy has been appointed Minister of Education Youth and Sport, as he has been a strong leader and supporter on the use of ICT in Education, committing Ministry resources and pushing for new policy and plans. We are also happy to see H.E. Dr. Nath Bunroeun become Secretary of State at the Ministry, as he is also a highly committed educator and supporter of the use of new technologies in education. We look forward to five years of advance in Education in Cambodia in which all the potential of technology will be used improve the quality of Education and the qualifications of teachers.