Four new Khmer applications for Android

Phnom Penh 10 Oct 2013: Four new applications are now available for free at the Google Play Store. These applications allow typing and reading Khmer, sending and receiving SMS in Khmer, consulting the Choun Nath dictionary and reading news in Khmer through RSS feed. They have been developed by the Cambodian NGO Open Institute with support from USAID as part of the SPICE program.
These applications can also be used together with the Firefox browser for Android, which can also support Khmer, when the add-on for Khmer is downloaded and installed.
All these applications work on all Android systems above version 2.0. This is possible because the applications themselves include the Khmer fonts.
The Khmer language software applications that we have developed are:
* Standard Khmer Keyboard​ (78,000 downloads)
* Sar Khmer SMS (26,000 downloads)
* Choun Nath Dictionary (12,500 dowloads)
* Omnan RSS (5,000 downloads)
You can also download the Firefox browser from here:
Once you install Firefox, you should install Firefox addon called "Khmer Fonts Package" at:
Information of how to use these applications is available in the website of the Open Institute at: