BarCamp Angkor

Participants at BarCamp Angkor​​​​​. Siem Reap: 23 March 2013. Picture from: BarCamp Page Facebook BarCamp Angkor in collaboration with South East Asia, communities partner from Open Institute (OI), Khmer Youth Association (KYA) and Youth Counselor of Cambodia (YCC) organized Information Communication Technology (ICT) presentation and distribution that was supported by USAID through SPICE program of the Open Institute, Cellcard, Online, Ione, Mobile phone Magazine, Electronic Magazine, Idese Media, TITB, InSTEDD, Khmer, Technology Association and KASPERSKY. There were 700 participants attended in this event. 250 participants were from Phnom Penh, Battambong Province, Kampong Thom Province, Kampong Cham Province and Bontey Min Chey Province and 450 participants were from Siem Reap Province. This event was organized at South East Asia University in Siem Reap town was presided over by H.E Mao Vuthy vice governor of Siem Reap Province. 

In his presentation of the reporting on BarCamp Angkor, Mr. Be Chantra, BarCamp Manager, highlighted that main objective of BarCamp is gathering ICT technicians for ICT contribution. Participants were ICT specialist from establishment companies and school lecturers. They were from Phnom Penh, Siem Reap province, other Cambodian provinces and Asian countries. He continued to emphasize that the BarCamp Angkor was organized second time in Siem Reap Province and the first time was organized at the Build Bright University in 2012. There were300 participants attended and this time, 700 participants registered.

Expression to the participants, Ms. Heng Chantheng SPICE Program Manager of the Open Institute stated that "Open Institute is the organization that encourages the development and economic. Open Institute has always supported the BarCamp, because we believe that the power of volunteering and sharing are important factors for social and economic development. Open Institute has realized that the BarCamp is creating the platform that supports and connects youth for sharing ideas on policies which can change their destiny, as well as their communities..." she continued that "According to this believing, We are proud to bring USAID as one of the main partners for these events through SPICE's expansion, in which 5 more events will be organized in Cambodian provinces ..." She also explained "Objective of SPICE is promote technology for our social and national benefit and participants. Supporting this event, The objective of SPICE is also empower youth who is entrepreneur, business, investor, innovator and student for make use of new technologies through sharing this innovation..."

H.E. Mao Vuthy vice governor of Siem Reap at BarCamp Angkor.​​​ Siem Reap: 23 March 2013 Picture from: BarCamp Page Facebook


Opening remark to the participants, H.E. Mao Vuthy vice governor of Siem Reap province pointed out that "That is true if we want to build national development we need a human resource and a mode of production. Education is a key factor in human resource construction on which the whole society must be strongly invested..." He continued "actually, today South East Asia in collaboration with BarCamp Cambodia, organized ICT event for providing, new opinions in development and innovations about website and mobile phone to get techniques for practice on technology. Participants are various from technologists, to internet users, developers, marketing and owner enterprises. This is an opportunity for speaker and participants from city and province in Cambodia and Asian in business to get connected." He emphasized "So I am strongly believe that this event will play an important role to give opportunities for stakeholders and participate in sharing ICT skill for self-development and for the growth of our Cambodia youth just like other countries of the world..."

BarCamp in Cambodia has been organized since 2008. It's called BarCamp Phnom Penh. The first event was organized by a group of volunteers who have the same belief in ICT and commitment in society development as Open Institute.